Tuning A Small Engine

Small Engines need just as much care as an automobile. The number one procedure to help extend the life or your lawn mower is to change the oil at the proper times. You should change the sparke plug and get the blade sharpened each year. Clean the air filter or change the air filter every year. A two cycle engine needs special care. the fuel lines and tank fuel filter need to be changed every two years. The fuel lines get brittle and break at the two year period.

One of the problems that a two cycle engine has when it comes to weed eaters and chainsaws is the exaust system clogs over time. This happens when too much oil is mixed with the fuel. Carbon builds up in the exaust port and plugs the ports. Keep oil fuel mixture at the right ratio.

The New Generation of Car Insurance Might Be Cheaper Than You Realized

Why do so many people stick with the same car insurance that they’ve had for years and years? One word: inertia. Simply put, people feel that if the insurance policy isn’t causing them problems, there is simply no reason to switch to another insurance provider. They are far too busy handling the ups and downs of everyday life to hunt for the best deal, so they skip it entirely. There’s a whole new generation of auto coverage that is worth looking into: telemetrics-based coverage.

Risk Management, Your Policy, and Why The Current System is Broken

The way most people get car insurance is straightforward: they go and pick up quotes from multiple insurance providers. However, those quotes treat them identically to other people of relatively the same age, location, occupation, and credit score. If you’re a good driver and have the best cb radio, you deserve to be recognized for how safe you are. The traditional model just doesn’t do that.

Telemetrics adds true risk management to the mix, adjusting the model based on how you actually drive. The box can be installed in less than an hour, and it will not interfere with how you drive. You can think of it as a mini-camcorder, capturing a wide variety of different data points. For example, the device will track how hard you brake, as well as how fast you drive. Do you take turns sharply, or do you take them slowly to adjust for the possibility of a wayward car coming into your path?

This new generation of insurance benefits the very young the most, but today’s senior citizens would be affected greatly as well. Measuring how we actually drive will eventually become the gold standard in insurance, but only time will tell what ultimately happens. In the meantime, it is a great chance for you to get a quote for telemetrics-based vehicle coverage today.

3 Reasons To Switch To A Straight Razor

Before the modern invention of the safety razor and the disposable razor, if you wanted a shave you would head on down to your local barber or use a straight razor at home. The art of shaving with a straight razor started to die out once the safety razor started to emerge on the market. However, in recent years a large number of men have rediscovered the advantages of shaving with a straight razor. If you are sick of constantly replacing your razors, are experiencing skin irritation, or just plain want a change, there are a number of good reasons for you to make the switch over to shaving with a straight razor.

To Reduce Irritation

If you have always used a standard safety razor, you have most definitely experienced the dreaded razor burn at least once in your lifetime. If you are unlucky to have sensitive or overly oily skin, razor burn is probably something that you struggle with every time you shave.

Using a straight razor will solve any of your razor burn woes.

Razor burn, bumps, and rashes are caused by dead skin cells and excess oil that collect around improperly cut hairs. These jaggedly cut hairs reduce the ability of the things that cause rashes and razor burn to escape.

When you use a straight razor you are guaranteed to remove the hair on your face with a clean cut. A straight, clean cut keeps your pores and hair follicles open, preventing a build-up of the elements that create ingrown hairs.

Straight razors also exfoliate your face naturally as you shave. They slough away dead skin cells giving your hair follicles less material to potentially clog up your pores.

For a Closer Shave

Despite the fact that razor companies introduce safety razors with more and more blades each year, the shave that these razors provide pale in comparison to the close shave that you will achieve with a sModern-dayzor.

Modern day safety razors are designed to work effectively anywhere from 14-20 shaves. With each shave, the blades dull. When you use a straight razor, the razor is sharpened before each shave. This means that it is like using a new razor with every shave. The sharper the blade, the closer and more effective the shave.

On top of that, straight razors are able to cut your facial hair much closer to the follicle. This not only results in a smoother face, but means you will have to shave less often.

To Save Yourself Some Cash

Due to the fact that safety razors start to dull and lose effectiveness after a short period, you are always buying replacement blades or razors to give yourself an adequate shave. The cost of a refill of blades starts to add up, and you might find yourself wondering how it is possible you have spent so much money on razors.

The good news is a quality straight razor can last your a lifetime if properly cared for. Instead of replacing a dull straight razor, you can easily sharpen it and it starts to work like new again.

The initial cost of buying a straight razor and all the accessories needed for a proper shave might seem a little high. However, if you take into account the fact that you will never have to spend money on razors again, the initial cost starts to look like an amazing deal.

Using a straight razor to shave can be intimidating at first, and there is a learning curve. However, with enough practice, you will become highly skilled at giving yourself an expert level, close shave. Once you switch to a straight razor you will be wondering why you didn’t take the leap years earlier!

Are Virtual Credit Cards Legit or Scam?

Are virtual credit cards legit or scam?

Hey guys! here’s some news about virtual credit cards and how they can really mess you up. virtual credit cards Are fake credit cards does have international countries from around the world This is on this site. will you look at this site? When you use these credit cards , you will be rejected by online sites like Amazon.

Pay as you Drive Puts you in Control of Costs

It may have been easy 10 years ago to use these cards, however you cannot use them today because they are immediately recognized fake. When I say virtual I mean that the cards are electronically processed with algorithms call Lund which will crank out several cards with an array of numbers, and it is tempting to use these cards because they look so real, Even have smart chips on them.

Virtual Credit Cards Legit or Scam

Virtual credit cards From Banks that are legitimate are worthy of use… Because These cards have money on them From you, the purchaser. The virtual credit cards that are advertised on sites claiming to have cards that work are absolutely fake, and do not trust them!

There is an international racket going on across the world with virtual credit cards … Most of these cards come from Africa and Russia , and these countries are the leaders in scams and crooked schemes .

The images on these cards seem very real, however they are not real, they are fake… These cards can have American names IDs on them, nevertheless they are fake what’s the international game?

These cards are from fake Banks with fake addresses and fake logos. Some of these sites even have verification features to verify The cards that they create and generate number.
These cards have name IDs on them that are different from the names that really represent the cards.

These cards they even have social security numbers attached, nevertheless they are fake.

In conclusion, it is advisable not to get these cards because you’ll be recognized as a criminal , and there are robots and spiders that crawl the internet on the watch for fake IDs, therefore you should not have anything to do with virtual credit cards.

Begin Your Career in the Life Sciences Consulting Business

Four Educational Paths to Get Into a Life Sciences Consulting Job

A life sciences consulting career could be a professionally and personally rewarding endeavor. These jobs provide opportunities to help keep the public safe through activities such as auditing clinical trials, checking the toxicology of products and ensuring the safety of medications and devices. If you are considering becoming one of these regulatory experts, you could take one of these four promising career paths.

1. Health Sciences Degree

Some universities offer a health sciences degree. This type of a degree provides you with an education in the aspects of science that are related to human health. You could learn about the chemistry of the blood, how medications are absorbed and transformed by the body and how different organs in the body work. A health sciences degree would also include some hands-on experience in a clinical or laboratory setting. This could prepare you for a career in auditing and management of clinical trials.

1. Bachelor’s Degree in the Biological Sciences

A degree in the biological sciences would also prepare you to work in the field of quality assurance for consulting firms. In a course of study for the biological sciences, you would receive a broad education with a foundation in calculus, statistics, inorganic and organic chemistry and physics. Your education would go in-depth in different aspects of biology, such as neurology, physiology, human anatomy, biochemistry, immunology and genetics. This type of a degree would help you to work in quality assurance as a consultant or an inspector in facilities or with clinical trials.

3. Master’s Degree or Higher in Environmental Science and Toxicology

A background in environmental science and toxicology would be an ideal way to get your foot in the door for consulting in the life sciences. In environmental science, you would gain knowledge about how human health is affected by the environment, such as exposure to pollutants in the air, soil and water. You would go in-depth about toxicological issues such as medication side effects and overdoses. You would also learn about how different medications can accumulate in different organ systems in the body.

4. Doctorate Degree in Pharmacological Sciences

Consulting firms also appreciate the knowledge of people who have a doctorate degree in pharmacy or pharmacological sciences. These regulatory experts could help companies to navigate the complex world of how medications work in the body and what is required by the government when it comes to safety, drug efficacy and drug interactions. Licensed pharmacists may be asked to work on a clinical trial in order to monitor interactions with a patient’s existing medications and a new drug in order to make sure that there are no unforeseen problems.

EmComm/Portable dual band Ham Pack

I’m Jose and today I just want to show you a little EmComm Pack that I put together. I’d met up with Akins last year at the LIMARC HamFest in Long Island and that got me interested into doing something portable and specific. I was looking for something small enough that I could put in the car in the trunk and not worry about… too much about the gear getting damaged or wet or… whatnot. So what we got here is a best emergency radio… I’m using a Nanuk, I think that’s how you pronounce it anyways Nanuk case 905

It’s about 12 inches long by about ten-inches by 6 inches. So it’s a pretty little case I like the orange color, you can’t miss it when you throw in the trunk or anywhere else so let’s open it up and see what we got there. We got some velcro here on the back where you can just put in your call sign or whatever and this is also where would put in the antenna the antenna mount as we open it the whole pack includes everything but the charger right now I have found a little UPG charger for sealed lead acid batteries know it has to LED’s that I’ll tell you if it’s charging or if it’s charged and that’s the thing I use to charge it at home another option that I use if I’m outside it’s a little X-Grade solar panel, it has the uh charge controller already for 12 volts so the way you open it up this is the sole panel, it puts nine watts, it helps you keep the battery you know, topped off or tendered, however, you wanna call it so, if you outside just plug it in and it will keep your battery running, while you’re not transmitting obviously, so just to keep it topped off. Inside of the package we got a dual band telescopic antenna this one in specific is an AL-800 VHF UHF I had another one which broke ’cause it was um… very flimsy. the tip broke so never mind that one. So we got the antenna, got the user manual this is the antenna mount that’s gonna attached to the velcro in the back of the uh of the lid so basically we just put it in here attach it and as we open it will stay up there. Um, we got the JetStream JT270M, little 10-watt dual band radio. This is a little accessory amp meter, in line amp meter and I only use it for testing purposes cause I know how much it draws.


We got the microphone, let’s plug it in the front of the radio really quick, and the microphone kinda stands on the handle on the side. We got the programming cable if needed. We have a little coax patch cable we’re gonna put right on the antenna mount and that one is gonna come out to the Antenna feed point over here. so when don’t have to go back into the radio? And that’s about it. Throw that in there… We have some other accessories as well…

If you wanted to use an NMO mount, I have one. Also, a little patch cable to connect LEDs that I have over here for night operation, and that’ll get stuck in there. This is a 7 Am sealed lead acid battery that I got from a Quick Silver Radio and also from Quick Silver Radio, I got these Bat-Mon topper things… They just attach the battery, gives you the voltage and it has two outputs one fused, and one unfused so, I do have them marked.

Basically, we just plug it in and… there it goes. Turn it on, radio is on, and on the back, over here we have a cigarette lighter that help out to charge. Everything is connected to it, and two USB ports if you want to charge your devices so……KA2GZ listening…And that’s about it. It’s a 10W radio, it puts about 2Am just about two amps on high-power which is 10 wants 1.1A on low-power 5 wants and I think is a about 0.3 Amps on standby something like that, so that one with this battery I should be able to get, on high power I should be able to get two hours of continuous so realistically we’re looking for four hours of normal use time and obviously that’s not counting if you’ll have a solar charger, you know, connected to it and whatnot so, that’s it.

KD2HHU testing… and that’s the tour of the cb radio reviews, nice little radio 10 wants… and that’s what we’ve been working on right now the lights, the LED lights are a little too bright… very bright so I might just take out these 3 over here and just keep the two on the top ’cause… it was very very bright.

The Different Alarm Systems

The Wireless Alarm

A wireless alarm is different from a wired alarm because the communication between the control unit and the detectors is done by radio waves. Indeed, as the name suggests, the wireless alarm does not require any power cables or wires to communicate. Wireless alarm systems have many advantages and their reliability has evolved. Although wireless alarm systems compete with wired alarm systems, they dominate the home alarm market and are the top selling systems.

Advantages of a Wireless Alarm

It may not be necessary to use a professional installer for personal security system packages utilizing a wireless alarm. Indeed, the primary advantage of a wireless alarm is its ease of installation as it does not require any special knowledge. A wireless alarm is usually sold as a complete kit including a manual, accessories, detectors, a central unit and batteries.

wireless alarm systems

This is a real advantage compared to a wired alarm where you have to add the price of the equipment to the price of the installation. The second advantage of the wireless alarm is directly linked to the first one. Its ease of installation makes it possible to dispense with a professional installer and thus to reduce significantly the final price.

The wireless alarm works with batteries, so it is not necessary to connect it to the mains. That makes it completely independent and therefore improves the safety of your home even during a prolonged power failure.

Disadvantages of a Wireless Alarm

The main disadvantage of a wireless alarm system is that it is necessary to regularly check the state of the batteries because a loss of energy would render the alarm system out of service. The main advantage of a wireless alarm can therefore turn into its main disadvantage.

Wired Alarm

As the name suggests, the wired alarm needs wires to communicate and an outlet to operate. This is the system advocated by the professionals because it is the one that presents the best reliability and security. Wired alarm systems account for about half of the home alarm market.

Advantages of a Wired Alarm

In a new house, you get a level of integration similar to an wireless alarm with the advantages of wired communication. A wired alarm works very well for houses under construction because the wires will be completely hidden and there will be no additional cost for the installation of the system.

wired alarm systems

The wired alarm works very well, for example, for very large houses or multi-storey houses because walls, floors, ceilings are elements that can block or disrupt communication signals. Because of its wired design, it is not subject to anything like piracy and jamming of radio waves since the communication between the control center and the various detectors is done by cables.

In the event of an electrical power outage, a wired alarm system has a back-up battery to take over. That gives it a good level of autonomy while waiting for the restoration of the power, which in the US never takes very long.

Disadvantages of a Wired Alarm

The wired alarm works better for homes with several levels and houses under construction than for houses already built. The installation of a wired alarm usually requires the intervention of a professional installer. That will increase the total cost of the system.

For existing homes, the wireless alarm is more appropriate, as it has a lower cost. For a perfect integration, it will be necessary to embed the wires in the walls, which will further increase the cost. If it is improperly installed, your interior decoration will be affected by the visible presence of wires.

Pay as you Drive Puts you in Control of Costs

Car insurance companies across the United States have begun testing a new type of insurance policy that only charges customers for the actual number of miles they drive during a certain period of time. All the driver has to do is install a small tracking device under the steering wheel so that the insurance company can monitor the mileage. Once the policy is in place, the insurance company only bills the customer for the miles that are reported through the tracking device. Customers who use this system have an unprecedented amount of control over their insurance costs. If they want to pay less, they simply drive fewer miles.

Driving Less Reduces Accident Risk

Recent research conducted by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology shows that driving fewer miles reduces the risk of being involved in a car accident. If Pay as you Drive customers make an effort to reduce their mileage, they will also be reducing their accident potential. The result could be good for the insurance company because there will be fewer claims, while it would also benefit the customer through lower insurance premiums.

Good for the Environment and the Pocketbook

Researchers believe that Pay as you Drive customers will monitor their driving more carefully so that they can pay as little as possible for car insurance. People might begin to consolidate trips and find alternative transportation so that they are in their cars less often. If a large group of drivers cut back on their mileage by a substantial amount it could have a direct impact on emissions levels. More efficient driving habits can also save gasoline, which would help conserve fossil fuels. Drivers will save money on their fuel budget while they are already saving money on their car insurance.

Device Tracks More than Mileage

Some consumer advocate groups worry that the devices are too invasive. The steering wheel tracking device is meant to log mileage, but it also tracks the way the car is driven. The insurance company can monitor your speed, how quickly you brake, and how quickly you accelerate. While parents might find this a useful way to make sure their teenagers are driving safely, they might not like the fact that the insurance company is keeping tabs on how safely the car is driven at all times. It is possible to see car insurance premiums actually increase instead of decrease if the car is regularly driven in a risky manner.

George Foreman 10-Portion Grill and Griddle (18603) review

The George Foreman grill, manufactured by Russell Hobbs, has been allowing families across the globe to cook quick, easy, and healthy meals on the grill since 1996. With its angled plates allowing fats and grease to run away from the foods and into a collection tray beneath the grill. But still retaining the moisture for flavour packed meats, fishes, and so much more besides.

Now you can cook a wider variety of foods with the addition of a griddle plate on this larger 10-portion sized combined electric grill and griddle.

Easy meals, faster

The addition of the griddle allows you to cook a wider variety of foods and lets you cook all of the elements together. Cook your burgers on the grill while the onions fry on the griddle or make a healthy chicken fajita dish with the chicken cooking beautifully on the grill you can cook the onions and peppers on the griddle in minutes.

The unit features separate temperature controls for each element allowing you to alter both for perfect results and finished as you like them.

It can cook a wide variety of foods from hamburgers to grilled chicken and fish, so it’s ideal for an indoor BBQ in the middle of winter or a quick, healthy grilled fish with salad in the summer.

Family favourites done in a flash

Not only is the grill fantastic for creating complete meals it’s perfect for all your family favourites too such as grilled cheese sandwiches and Paninis. The floating hinges on the grill allow it to accommodate various thicknesses so if you like your Panini stuffed full, that’s okay.
Separate temperature controls mean you don’t have to have the griddle on if you are only using the grill, making it safer and more energy efficient.


  • Non-stick, easy to clean plates,
  • 10-portion size,
  • Angles plates for easy draining of cooking fats and oils,
  • Separate drip tray,
  • Independent temperature control for grill and griddle,
  • Floating hinges on grill allow for varying thickness of foods.


  • 10-portion size
  • Four portions on grill,
  • Six portions on the griddle.

Product dimensions

  • 57cm (13.2”),
  • 33.5cm (22.6”),
  • 13cm (5.12”).

Product weight

3.7kg (8.2lbs).

• Black.


  • Enables you to cook both sides simultaneously,
  • Fats and grease drain off for healthier cooking,
  • Floating hinges can cater for varying thicknesses of foods,
  • Quickly and easily cook family favourites from Paninis to grilled cheese sandwiches.


  • Cooking plates aren’t removable for cleaning,
  • No cover to protect griddle when not in use,
  • Long and bulky to store when not in use.


A well-made grill and griddle combination from a trusted manufacturer. Allows the cooking of various products from simple grilled fish to Paninis and old favourites such as grilled cheese sandwiches. Designed to allow fats and grease to drain away from the meats etc. it enables the user to cook healthier meals while still be moist and tasty.

This is a large appliance which will take up a fair bit of counter top space and is quite bulky meaning it’s probably not the sort of thing you’d necessarily put into a cabinet between uses – though this, of course, does depend on how often you plan to use it. But, if you love the George Foreman brand and fancy trying out one of his grills then there are a whole host of different sizes available.

A versatile combination grill with the capacity to create a variety of dishes both snacks and full meals with a large capacity on the griddle plate. Useful for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. There are plenty of recipes and ideas online, so this actually could become a go-to appliance for fresh, quick meals for the whole family.


Keep your GF in tip top condition by using these specially produced sponges and scraper.

George Foreman GFSP3 Sponges (3-Pack) quickly and easily clean your GF grill with these specially designed grill sponges which feature two different textures for efficient removal of cooking fats and food debris.


George Foreman Replacement Grill Scraper Spatula allows for the removal of food debris quickly without damaging the grill or griddle.


George Foreman Lean Mean Fat Reducing Grilling Machine White Drip-Catch Tray 12.5” if your included drip tray becomes damaged or you just want a spare.


George Foreman Lean Mean Fat Reducing Grilling Machine Gray Drip-Catch Tray just under 8” a different style of drip tray to replace or have a spare.


What You Need to Know About Car Insurance

So you own a car.

If you’ve spent a sizable amount of your hard-earned cash on it, you probably want to get that baby insured, as well.

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You may have heard the words premium and deductible tossed around. But how do you choose the best coverage? How well do you understand the different parts of auto insurance policies?

Well, let me help you out.

First, you need to know that of all the states, 47 will require that you have some form of auto insurance.

Here’s a quick rundown of the terms you’ll likely encounter.

  • Policy – this is what you buy when you purchase the car insurance
  • Liability – this pays for accidental bodily injury and property damages to others
  • Collision – pays for the damage to the vehicle caused by collision with another object
  • Comprehensive – pays for loss or damage to insured vehicle that didn’t happen in an auto accident
  • Medical Coverage – covers medical expenses when caused by auto accident, regardless of fault
  • PIP – Personal Injury Protection. Pays medical expenses for the insured driver for treatment due to a car accident, regardless of fault.
  • Uninsured Motorist – pays your car’s damages when the accident is caused by a driver with no liability insurance
  • Underinsured Motorist – same as uninsured motorist, only with insufficient liability insurance
  • Rental Reimbursement – pays for rental car damage due to an auto accident

Now, before signing up for anything, you also need to know about:

  • State Laws – 47 states require liability insurance. 15 states require PIP on top of that.
  • The Kind of Car You Drive – Do you use rentals a lot? You might want to get rental reimbursement. Is it a brand new car? You may want to get extended warranty for parts and labour. Are you leasing? You may want to think about gap insurance.
  • How Much to Spend – know your assets and what you can afford. You may want to get the whole shebang, but if you cannot pay your premiums, then it’s eventually useless to you.
  • Other Insurance Exists – health insurance and homeowners insurance may pay for damages from auto accidents. Knowing what other insurance policies you have and what they cover may save you some cash.

There are a lot of things to consider before committing to an insurance policy. Educate yourself to make the best choice.