The New Generation of Car Insurance Might Be Cheaper Than You Realized

Why do so many people stick with the same car insurance that they’ve had for years and years? One word: inertia. Simply put, people feel that if the insurance policy isn’t causing them problems, there is simply no reason to switch to another insurance provider. They are far too busy handling the ups and downs of everyday life to hunt for the best deal, so they skip it entirely. There’s a whole new generation of auto coverage that is worth looking into: telemetrics-based coverage.

Risk Management, Your Policy, and Why The Current System is Broken

The way most people get car insurance is straightforward: they go and pick up quotes from multiple insurance providers. However, those quotes treat them identically to other people of relatively the same age, location, occupation, and credit score. If you’re a good driver and have the best cb radio, you deserve to be recognized for how safe you are. The traditional model just doesn’t do that.

Telemetrics adds true risk management to the mix, adjusting the model based on how you actually drive. The box can be installed in less than an hour, and it will not interfere with how you drive. You can think of it as a mini-camcorder, capturing a wide variety of different data points. For example, the device will track how hard you brake, as well as how fast you drive. Do you take turns sharply, or do you take them slowly to adjust for the possibility of a wayward car coming into your path?

This new generation of insurance benefits the very young the most, but today’s senior citizens would be affected greatly as well. Measuring how we actually drive will eventually become the gold standard in insurance, but only time will tell what ultimately happens. In the meantime, it is a great chance for you to get a quote for telemetrics-based vehicle coverage today.