EmComm/Portable dual band Ham Pack

I’m Jose and today I just want to show you a little EmComm Pack that I put together. I’d met up with Akins last year at the LIMARC HamFest in Long Island and that got me interested into doing something portable and specific. I was looking for something small enough that I could put in the car in the trunk and not worry about… too much about the gear getting damaged or wet or… whatnot. So what we got here is a best emergency radio… I’m using a Nanuk, I think that’s how you pronounce it anyways Nanuk case 905

It’s about 12 inches long by about ten-inches by 6 inches. So it’s a pretty little case I like the orange color, you can’t miss it when you throw in the trunk or anywhere else so let’s open it up and see what we got there. We got some velcro here on the back where you can just put in your call sign or whatever and this is also where would put in the antenna the antenna mount as we open it the whole pack includes everything but the charger right now I have found a little UPG charger for sealed lead acid batteries know it has to LED’s that I’ll tell you if it’s charging or if it’s charged and that’s the thing I use to charge it at home another option that I use if I’m outside it’s a little X-Grade solar panel, it has the uh charge controller already for 12 volts so the way you open it up this is the sole panel, it puts nine watts, it helps you keep the battery you know, topped off or tendered, however, you wanna call it so, if you outside just plug it in and it will keep your battery running, while you’re not transmitting obviously, so just to keep it topped off. Inside of the package we got a dual band telescopic antenna this one in specific is an AL-800 VHF UHF I had another one which broke ’cause it was um… very flimsy. the tip broke so never mind that one. So we got the antenna, got the user manual this is the antenna mount that’s gonna attached to the velcro in the back of the uh of the lid so basically we just put it in here attach it and as we open it will stay up there. Um, we got the JetStream JT270M, little 10-watt dual band radio. This is a little accessory amp meter, in line amp meter and I only use it for testing purposes cause I know how much it draws.


We got the microphone, let’s plug it in the front of the radio really quick, and the microphone kinda stands on the handle on the side. We got the programming cable if needed. We have a little coax patch cable we’re gonna put right on the antenna mount and that one is gonna come out to the Antenna feed point over here. so when don’t have to go back into the radio? And that’s about it. Throw that in there… We have some other accessories as well…

If you wanted to use an NMO mount, I have one. Also, a little patch cable to connect LEDs that I have over here for night operation, and that’ll get stuck in there. This is a 7 Am sealed lead acid battery that I got from a Quick Silver Radio and also from Quick Silver Radio, I got these Bat-Mon topper things… They just attach the battery, gives you the voltage and it has two outputs one fused, and one unfused so, I do have them marked.

Basically, we just plug it in and… there it goes. Turn it on, radio is on, and on the back, over here we have a cigarette lighter that help out to charge. Everything is connected to it, and two USB ports if you want to charge your devices so……KA2GZ listening…And that’s about it. It’s a 10W radio, it puts about 2Am just about two amps on high-power which is 10 wants 1.1A on low-power 5 wants and I think is a about 0.3 Amps on standby something like that, so that one with this battery I should be able to get, on high power I should be able to get two hours of continuous so realistically we’re looking for four hours of normal use time and obviously that’s not counting if you’ll have a solar charger, you know, connected to it and whatnot so, that’s it.

KD2HHU testing… and that’s the tour of the cb radio reviews, nice little radio 10 wants… and that’s what we’ve been working on right now the lights, the LED lights are a little too bright… very bright so I might just take out these 3 over here and just keep the two on the top ’cause… it was very very bright.