3 Reasons To Switch To A Straight Razor

Before the modern invention of the safety razor and the disposable razor, if you wanted a shave you would head on down to your local barber or use a straight razor at home. The art of shaving with a straight razor started to die out once the safety razor started to emerge on the market. However, in recent years a large number of men have rediscovered the advantages of shaving with a straight razor. If you are sick of constantly replacing your razors, are experiencing skin irritation, or just plain want a change, there are a number of good reasons for you to make the switch over to shaving with a straight razor.

To Reduce Irritation

If you have always used a standard safety razor, you have most definitely experienced the dreaded razor burn at least once in your lifetime. If you are unlucky to have sensitive or overly oily skin, razor burn is probably something that you struggle with every time you shave.

Using a straight razor will solve any of your razor burn woes.

Razor burn, bumps, and rashes are caused by dead skin cells and excess oil that collect around improperly cut hairs. These jaggedly cut hairs reduce the ability of the things that cause rashes and razor burn to escape.

When you use a straight razor you are guaranteed to remove the hair on your face with a clean cut. A straight, clean cut keeps your pores and hair follicles open, preventing a build-up of the elements that create ingrown hairs.

Straight razors also exfoliate your face naturally as you shave. They slough away dead skin cells giving your hair follicles less material to potentially clog up your pores.

For a Closer Shave

Despite the fact that razor companies introduce safety razors with more and more blades each year, the shave that these razors provide pale in comparison to the close shave that you will achieve with a sModern-dayzor.

Modern day safety razors are designed to work effectively anywhere from 14-20 shaves. With each shave, the blades dull. When you use a straight razor, the razor is sharpened before each shave. This means that it is like using a new razor with every shave. The sharper the blade, the closer and more effective the shave.

On top of that, straight razors are able to cut your facial hair much closer to the follicle. This not only results in a smoother face, but means you will have to shave less often.

To Save Yourself Some Cash

Due to the fact that safety razors start to dull and lose effectiveness after a short period, you are always buying replacement blades or razors to give yourself an adequate shave. The cost of a refill of blades starts to add up, and you might find yourself wondering how it is possible you have spent so much money on razors.

The good news is a quality straight razor can last your a lifetime if properly cared for. Instead of replacing a dull straight razor, you can easily sharpen it and it starts to work like new again.

The initial cost of buying a straight razor and all the accessories needed for a proper shave might seem a little high. However, if you take into account the fact that you will never have to spend money on razors again, the initial cost starts to look like an amazing deal.

Using a straight razor to shave can be intimidating at first, and there is a learning curve. However, with enough practice, you will become highly skilled at giving yourself an expert level, close shave. Once you switch to a straight razor you will be wondering why you didn’t take the leap years earlier!