George Foreman 10-Portion Grill and Griddle (18603) review

The George Foreman grill, manufactured by Russell Hobbs, has been allowing families across the globe to cook quick, easy, and healthy meals on the grill since 1996. With its angled plates allowing fats and grease to run away from the foods and into a collection tray beneath the grill. But still retaining the moisture for flavour packed meats, fishes, and so much more besides.

Now you can cook a wider variety of foods with the addition of a griddle plate on this larger 10-portion sized combined electric grill and griddle.

Easy meals, faster

The addition of the griddle allows you to cook a wider variety of foods and lets you cook all of the elements together. Cook your burgers on the grill while the onions fry on the griddle or make a healthy chicken fajita dish with the chicken cooking beautifully on the grill you can cook the onions and peppers on the griddle in minutes.

The unit features separate temperature controls for each element allowing you to alter both for perfect results and finished as you like them.

It can cook a wide variety of foods from hamburgers to grilled chicken and fish, so it’s ideal for an indoor BBQ in the middle of winter or a quick, healthy grilled fish with salad in the summer.

Family favourites done in a flash

Not only is the grill fantastic for creating complete meals it’s perfect for all your family favourites too such as grilled cheese sandwiches and Paninis. The floating hinges on the grill allow it to accommodate various thicknesses so if you like your Panini stuffed full, that’s okay.
Separate temperature controls mean you don’t have to have the griddle on if you are only using the grill, making it safer and more energy efficient.


  • Non-stick, easy to clean plates,
  • 10-portion size,
  • Angles plates for easy draining of cooking fats and oils,
  • Separate drip tray,
  • Independent temperature control for grill and griddle,
  • Floating hinges on grill allow for varying thickness of foods.


  • 10-portion size
  • Four portions on grill,
  • Six portions on the griddle.

Product dimensions

  • 57cm (13.2”),
  • 33.5cm (22.6”),
  • 13cm (5.12”).

Product weight

3.7kg (8.2lbs).

• Black.


  • Enables you to cook both sides simultaneously,
  • Fats and grease drain off for healthier cooking,
  • Floating hinges can cater for varying thicknesses of foods,
  • Quickly and easily cook family favourites from Paninis to grilled cheese sandwiches.


  • Cooking plates aren’t removable for cleaning,
  • No cover to protect griddle when not in use,
  • Long and bulky to store when not in use.


A well-made grill and griddle combination from a trusted manufacturer. Allows the cooking of various products from simple grilled fish to Paninis and old favourites such as grilled cheese sandwiches. Designed to allow fats and grease to drain away from the meats etc. it enables the user to cook healthier meals while still be moist and tasty.

This is a large appliance which will take up a fair bit of counter top space and is quite bulky meaning it’s probably not the sort of thing you’d necessarily put into a cabinet between uses – though this, of course, does depend on how often you plan to use it. But, if you love the George Foreman brand and fancy trying out one of his grills then there are a whole host of different sizes available.

A versatile combination grill with the capacity to create a variety of dishes both snacks and full meals with a large capacity on the griddle plate. Useful for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. There are plenty of recipes and ideas online, so this actually could become a go-to appliance for fresh, quick meals for the whole family.


Keep your GF in tip top condition by using these specially produced sponges and scraper.

George Foreman GFSP3 Sponges (3-Pack) quickly and easily clean your GF grill with these specially designed grill sponges which feature two different textures for efficient removal of cooking fats and food debris.

George Foreman Replacement Grill Scraper Spatula allows for the removal of food debris quickly without damaging the grill or griddle.

George Foreman Lean Mean Fat Reducing Grilling Machine White Drip-Catch Tray 12.5” if your included drip tray becomes damaged or you just want a spare.

George Foreman Lean Mean Fat Reducing Grilling Machine Gray Drip-Catch Tray just under 8” a different style of drip tray to replace or have a spare.

What You Need to Know About Car Insurance

So you own a car.

If you’ve spent a sizable amount of your hard-earned cash on it, you probably want to get that baby insured, as well.

You may have heard the words premium and deductible tossed around. But how do you choose the best coverage? How well do you understand the different parts of auto insurance policies?

Well, let me help you out.

First, you need to know that of all the states, 47 will require that you have some form of auto insurance.

Here’s a quick rundown of the terms you’ll likely encounter.

  • Policy – this is what you buy when you purchase the car insurance
  • Liability – this pays for accidental bodily injury and property damages to others
  • Collision – pays for the damage to the vehicle caused by collision with another object
  • Comprehensive – pays for loss or damage to insured vehicle that didn’t happen in an auto accident
  • Medical Coverage – covers medical expenses when caused by auto accident, regardless of fault
  • PIP – Personal Injury Protection. Pays medical expenses for the insured driver for treatment due to a car accident, regardless of fault.
  • Uninsured Motorist – pays your car’s damages when the accident is caused by a driver with no liability insurance
  • Underinsured Motorist – same as uninsured motorist, only with insufficient liability insurance
  • Rental Reimbursement – pays for rental car damage due to an auto accident

Now, before signing up for anything, you also need to know about:

  • State Laws – 47 states require liability insurance. 15 states require PIP on top of that.
  • The Kind of Car You Drive – Do you use rentals a lot? You might want to get rental reimbursement. Is it a brand new car? You may want to get extended warranty for parts and labour. Are you leasing? You may want to think about gap insurance.
  • How Much to Spend – know your assets and what you can afford. You may want to get the whole shebang, but if you cannot pay your premiums, then it’s eventually useless to you.
  • Other Insurance Exists – health insurance and homeowners insurance may pay for damages from auto accidents. Knowing what other insurance policies you have and what they cover may save you some cash.

There are a lot of things to consider before committing to an insurance policy. Educate yourself to make the best choice.